Ideas for a Mindfulness Course

mindfulness course perceptual lenses
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I’m already teaching a mindfulness course via the iNLP Center. This post is to collect my thoughts on where we’re at and how to proceed.

I need more mindfulness techniques to add to the course. Here’s what we have so far. Perhaps the reader will find some use in reviewing them. Feel free to steal any ideas and use them in your own course!

Incidentally, the picture above features a bunch of funky glasses I bought to serve as an object lesson for the various perceptual filters we wear.

Ideas to Add to the Mindfulness Course

The 5-4-3-2-1 self-grounding technique. Here’s how this mindfulness method goes.

Please name:

  • Five things you can see right now.
  • Four things you can hear right now.
  • Three things you can feel right (inside or out).
  • Two things you can smell (or remember smelling).
  • One thing for which you are grateful right now.

Once you’ve named them, notice how you feel. Is it different than before? One idea is to rate how at peace you feel in the moment on a scale of 1-10. Do this once before and after the 5-4-3-2-1 method. If it worked, you’ll feel more at peace afterward.

If it doesn’t work, try it again. If it still doesn’t work, get some guidance. If that doesn’t work, toss the technique!

Belly Breathing is a Mind-Blow

Focus on the area four finger widths below the navel and in the center of the body. That’s it. Just rest your attention there and see what happens. The first time I did this, my mind blew. I couldn’t believe the relaxed pleasure that I felt.

This point – known as the 2nd Chakra in woo-woo terms – has always been there. Why do I joygasm when I put my attention there?

Add belly breathing to the mix and let the chillin’ begin!

These two methods are probably enough to get through this month’s three-hour mindfulness course. Thank for reading.

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