Dealing with Rude Students Q&A

rude students
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A trainer for one of the iNLP Center NLP Practitioner Training courses was having a hard time with a rude students. She asked for advice. Here is the rundown!

In the classroom, there is a student who intervenes and corrects the other students each time. of course I apologize later with those who have been corrected (at the end of the lesson in private) and I tried to make her understand that everyone has its time then I always leave space to those students and I say that it is a time for them now, but do you have some advice to give me?

This morning she was doing exercises with me and a new student intervened and rude she said she was asking the question to me and not to him. how do you solve when it happens?

Thanks for asking. Do the other students appear annoyed as well?

They were a little bit frustrated and i think they prefer not to participate when she’s there.

onsider that she’s enrolled in eng class and she asked to be allowed also in it live sessions, i don’t know if steve has the same problem with her because maybe in english she doesn’t speak so fluently

Ok must fix this – there are three steps:

1) Discuss with her in private – over phone or Skype and simply tell her the problem and ask her if she is aware of it. Make her aware and tell her it needs to stop. Tell her that from now on you will need to intervene in class if her rudeness continues (and other students are affected).

2) If the rudeness does not stop, you must follow through and confront her in class when it happens.

3) If it still doesn’t stop, then when it happens you must remove her from the class.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad her English is – if other students are affected then it must stop.

Ok. i tried in a gentle way but it was not sufficient because now when she’s there noone want to so simulation together

I appreciate you trying in a gentle way – now it seems like it is time to be less gentle:)

And tell her you will confront her rude behavior in class if it happens again.
Also tell her you will remove her from class if necessary – you can kick her out of class as the instructor

And moreover she’s not my student so she has her class, so I prefer to lose her not my serene students if I have to choose.

If you have to kick her out of class – tell the students that you have worked with her a lot and warned her this would happen so they don’t think you are overreacting.

She cannot be allowed to ruin other students class!

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