iNLP Center Review ~ In Search of a Deeper Neuro-Linguistic Programming

inlp center review
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The following is an iNLP Center review Kelli Cooper.

The iNLP Center course being reviewed can be found here:

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I focused on the introductory NLP module for this iNLP Center review.  In it, Mike Bundrant brought up an excellent point that I think can be applied to all aspects of life –something that I often give a lot of thought to in terms of my personal development.

Mike talked about being open to the underlying structure of NLP and not to be so rigid, merely focusing on the specific techniques outlined. To focus more on the principles, the essence, of what it is about. This can be helpful in so many regards.

iNLP Center Review ~ A Big Realization

I do a lot of work with Law of Attraction and I found that just doing all the techniques laid out for me without taking the time to really think about the concept and what was behind it left me frustrated. I did all the things the teachers told me to do but I was not getting results.

Reviewing the iNLP Center course helped me realize I was missing some core ingredients.

Like doing the self-examination to discover the blocks I had and analyzing my past thought patterns and results to see how I ended up where I did in specific situations. By looking deeper, I found greater success in applying LOA.

While conducting the iNLP Center review, I also came up with some of my own techniques that resonated with me very strongly. I gained a deeper understanding and shifted my perspective to one that is more conducive to happiness and success. My life changed!

We all want the techniques but when we focus all our energy on acquiring them without giving enough attention to the concepts behind them, we will stall our progress. Without doing the deeper self-examination, we will fail to make any significant changes in our lives.

Of course, techniques are an important part of any personal development tool.

We need a way to apply the information. Just knowing something will not be enough to make any significant change in our lives. Knowing is the first, vital step but doing is where it is at. We can read about ways to make our lives better until our eyes ache but if we do nothing with the information we acquire, it is all for naught.

But, I think when we come across new concepts, we sometimes overlook the very useful step of actually thinking more deeply about them, what they mean, what the message is, the bigger picture. We focus on the concrete steps given to us to implement and that is great, but when we just focus on the techniques, we often do not get the results we want.

We also overlook the sometimes uncomfortable process of self-examination. Being successful with NLP or any other program will always require us to do some work on ourselves, to question our current way of thinking, being and doing. I think studying NLP will help with that greatly. Again, just relying on techniques will not be enough.

When we give more thought to the concept we are trying to implement, the techniques will work better because we have a better understanding of what lies behind them.

When we have a better idea of the concept, it inspires us to come up with our own techniques and ways of operating that work better for us. We will have greater success.

This is not to say that we should automatically discard anything already laid out for us, because there is a good chance that is super helpful too, but we should also be open to experimenting and finding what works for us personally. We are all operating with different frameworks, ways of thinking and being and what works for one person may not work for another.

As I go through the NLP training (I officially enrolled after being invited to do this iNLP Center review), I will keep the iNLP Center message in mind very firmly. I am excited to use the techniques because they are what bridge the gap between knowing about something and applying it.

But I will be sure to put plenty of focus on the core of NLP, what it is all about, what it is saying about our behavior, perspective and way of being.  I am confident that this program can help me make significant changes in my life and I am looking forward to the journey.

The iNLP Center also offers life coaching certification, which can be found here:

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